What Is Hosting

Hosting is the core of your website. It is the secure location in which all of your website’s data is stored and sent out into the worldwide web. Without it, you would not have a website. Therefore, having a top notch hosting provider is key. You could have the most beautiful, well coded and designed website in the world, but if you are stuck with a less than par hosting provider, your website will suffer. Odin Creative does not want this to happen, and that is why we choose Pantheon as our official hosting provider. Pantheon is always up to date with the latest security measures, caching implementations, and usability to keep your website running at its maximum potential without any hiccups.

Odin Creative is a Pantheon Partner

Here at Odin Creative, we've been using Pantheon for some time and we think it's awesome. Since we've built so many sites uses this platform we qualified to become a Pantheon partner. Check out our official, very chic Odin Creative Partner Directory page if you want to check us out. It's by far the most economical hosting option for performance and it's prepared for future growth. You might not think performance is important but the speed of your website directly affects your search engine result rankings.

The Pantheon Difference

Pantheon is a website management platform specifically designed for hosting Drupal™ and WordPress websites. It is considered the fastest host provider on the planet for Drupal™ and WordPress sites because of the super efficient container based platform. Odin Creative wants your website to run at its greatest efficiency with the fastest load and response time possible. Therefore, we recommend that all of our clients go with Pantheon Hosting.

Unlike many other hosting providers, Pantheon is specifically designed for Drupal™ and WordPress websites. They also provided a variety of features, customizations, and security measures to ensure that your website is performing to the max. They also do not force many websites onto one server, decreasing load time and causing potential customers to leave your site because it has yet to load. Instead, Pantheon provides hosting that gives your website the adequate amount of space that it requires in order to function at max capacity.

In fact, when comparing the security and speed of Pantheon versus other leading providers like Acquia, GoDaddy, and WP Engine, the results are in Pantheon’s favor.

  • Wordpress: In a test conducted in January of 2015, Pantheon came out on top among 16 hosting providers who claim to have an optimized runtime for WordPress. We had the fastest average response time, with zero errors under the heaviest load. Read the review.
  • Drupal: Interactive agency LevelTen compared Drupal hosting platforms and chose Pantheon as the best option. 

What exactly makes Pantheon so great when it comes to a hosting provider?

Pantheon Features

There are a variety of features that are available for both Drupal™ and WordPress websites. Here are just a few. For a FULL listing of features visit:


Pantheon allows the developer, whether it be you, someone else, or Odin Creative, to work in unlimited cloud environments. You can work with a team or individually, combining code changes together during a submission back into the master. Each team member is able to easily synchronize their work within a website, vastly increasing the speed of development and changes.

Pantheon Developer Dashboard

The developer dashboard allows a developer to manage all of their websites in one, simple location. It allows the user to track changes, launch a new site, and run current ones. From the developer dashboard, you will find the tools for automatic updates, backups, an integration workflow, and more. You can also manage team members with controlled access with an audit log where all changes can be easily accessed.

Advanced Caching

Pantheon’s edge layer uses Varnish, a robust, high-speed, and battle-tested reverse-proxy cache. This consistent, managed edge layer is architecturally separate from any specific site. It can soak up hundreds of millions of pageviews without missing a beat. All with zero configuration from you.

One-Click Updates

Security doesn’t stop at the website platform. The sites themselves must also be secure. The most important updates for security generally come from “core,” the main software for Drupal or WordPress. Pantheon makes updates easy to apply (one click) and test (built-in development and testing environments) so you can apply security fixes quickly and with confidence.

Website Backups

All of Pantheon’s paid accounts provide automatic backups for your website. This includes both daily and weekly. Pantheon’s system stores backups using Amazon S3 for secure, off site storage. When it comes to web security for your website Pantheon doesn’t compromise. They have carefully crafted their secure infrastructure to access resources and have implemented best practices when it comes to data retention and safety.

If you are interested in learning more about hosting with Pantheon, building a new site on Pantheon, or just transferring an existing site to Pantheon, please do not hesitate to contact Odin Creative. We are here to answer any questions that you may concerning your website or your hosting.

Contact Odin Creative at (210) 960-9526 for more information on Pantheon hosting!