Memberships, Awards & Listings

Odin Creative is a member of multiple associations and is a proud supporter of various organizations. This page contains our memberships, awards & listings.

Organizational Member & Board Member

Odin Creative is proud to be a member and supporter of the New Braunfels Downtown Association. This association is a group of business owners, property owners, civic organizations, and interested individuals dedicated to enhancing the natural beauty and promoting economic development of the historic downtown area. Shawn Peters is on the board of directors and holds the 2nd VP position.

Drupal Association Organization Member

The Drupal Association's mission is to foster and support the Drupal community by maintaining software and infrastructure, providing DrupalCon scholarships and Community Cultivation Grants, hosting DrupalCons and many other community initiatives. Membership fees fund these programs and provide interested parties an easy way to help support and grow Drupal.

Pantheon Partner

Pantheon ensures your website will continue to perform at high speeds, with minimal need for support. The platform automatically does much of the work required to keep professional-grade WordPress and Drupal sites fast, secure, and scalable.