Shopify Ecommerce

With the amount of shopping happening online, it is important for your online store to keep up to date with the latest trends. Not only does this mean creating a responsive website, it also means designing a website that is easy to navigate. You want your customers to be able to easily find and purchase an item. The more complicated the online shopping process becomes, the greater the likelihood that you will have potential customers leaving your website. On the other hand, great usability and an easy online shopping experience almost certainly means that a customer will return.

The solution for a responsive, e-commerce website? Shopify. Shopify is a state of the art e-commerce system that can now be seamlessly integrated with your Drupal™ website. It began with a group of individuals who wanted to sell snowboard gear online, but they could not find a functional, online store system that included everything that they needed. Erego, they built their own platform, which eventually became Shopify.

Easily Manage Your Online Store

Shopify is an extremely easy CMS when it comes to managing your ecommerce website. Virtually any type of integration can be added, and it is easy to keep track of, add, or eliminate your store’s items. Connect your Shopify online store to:

  • Amazon Account
  • Quickbooks
  • UPS, FedEx, USPS
  • Google Shopping
  • Pinterest Shopping
  • And More!

Connect Online AND Onsite

Shopify also allows easy integration from online to onsite. Maintain your entire onsite store with Shopify’s swipe and card readers. Whether you are on the go, have a permanent store location, or you are at a nearby farmer’s market, Shopify’s ecommerce websites allow some of the easiest integration when it comes to analyzing, selling, and distributing.

Different Designs For Different Ecommerce

You will find a variety of website templates on Shopify, each catered to a different type of product and shopping experience. Here at Odin Creative, we can take this basic template or layout and turn it into a completely custom ecommerce website for your business. Our website designers work closely with each client to ensure that their proper vision is brought to life inside of their online store. Once the design has been officially finished, Odin Creative begins our development portion.

Once your Shopify online store’s website is designed and developed, you have full control over your products, pricing, and maintenance. There are several different packages available through Shopify, depending on the amount and type of products you are selling, as well as the amount of hands on aid you would like from Shopify.

Merge Drupal™ AND Shopify!

Recently, developers introduced a module to integrate Shopify with the Drupal™ CMS. Now, you can have the best of both worlds by combining the amazing ecommerce technology of Shopify with the diversity and flexibility of the Drupal™ CMS. With a responsive design, your customers will easily be able to purchase an item off of your website, making it all that more enticing for them to return.

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